4 tips on how to avoid injuries when exercising at home

Everyone knows that practicing physical exercises brings a significant improvement in several aspects of our physics, both physically and mentally. However, if these exercises are done incorrectly, the effect may be the opposite, that is, causing more harm than good to our body. This often happens when activities are carried out without the assistance of

How to do yoga at home? Understand here!

Do you know how to do yoga at home? It is a very useful practice at this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, as it provides several benefits. Among them are the fact that the activity helps to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, improves concentration and promotes well-being. Considering these issues, yoga is a fundamental physical activity.

4 winter health care tips

Do you know what health care is in winter? It is in the coldest season of the year that we are vulnerable to problems with the body. The low temperature, reduced air humidity and closed environments make us prone to colds and flu. So it is important to strengthen immunity. In addition, there is a