4 benefits of pilates in old age

The practice of pilates in old age is beneficial, especially for those who have some type of osteoporosis or feel pain and discomfort in the spine or in some joint.

This is because the method, created by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the last century, combines great exercises for spine health and posture.

They combine breathing and variable resistances (such as body weight or some springs on the devices) to strengthen and stretch our main muscles.

In this post, you will learn more about some of the benefits of pilates in old age and why it is always considered a “grail” of physical exercises. Happy reading!

1. Muscle strengthening

Pilates makes practically all the muscles of the body stronger, in particular, the “core” musculature – which involves the entire abdominal wall, internal and external.

These muscles are essential for good posture and function as a true “armor” for protecting the spine.

That is why many people experience an improvement in back pain after just a few sessions with proper professional monitoring.

It is worth mentioning that pilates also helps to tone and strengthen other regions of the body. It is possible to have more strength and better physical performance for daily activities.

2. Injury prevention and treatment

Apart from strengthening the core, mentioned above, the method helps to treat numerous spinal injuries, mainly. This is due to the didactic progression of the movements.

In addition to being easy, they are considered effective for those who have some limitations and are still undergoing a muscle strengthening process.

It is even common to see athletes who use pilates as a basis for their training, as it improves performance and reduces the risk of injuries of various degrees.

3. Improved balance

It is important to emphasize that the lack of balance is one of the main causes of trauma in the elderly, which, in addition to being dangerous, is a warning sign.

The pilates method works well with laterality and, mainly, instability positions. Thus, balance is almost always present in training sessions.

In fact, the instability of the trunk itself is a great stimulus for strengthening the abdomen, which has as one of its functions to help stabilize our body in physical space.

Therefore, this is a very relevant benefit for the elderly and that must always be taken into account when choosing and prescribing some physical activity.

4. Increased flexibility

The person who practices pilates is able to increase his flexibility and, consequently, has more quality of life and less body pain.

Many of our muscle aches are a sign of excessive tension in the muscles that are shortened. When we work on our flexibility, there is a release from that tension.

In addition, we were able to return to a more natural and healthier joint functionality, which reduces the risks of future problems, such as tendinopathies and the like.

It is worth remembering that it is possible to have good sessions at home (modality known as “Pilates Solo”), without so much equipment. One mattress is enough.

Finally, know that these benefits of pilates in old age also include other age groups. The method is excellent for those seeking more health and quality of life.


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