Learn how to lose fat without losing lean mass!

Losing fat without losing lean mass is the desire of everyone who wants to have a well-defined and healed body. However, it is not enough to just focus on weight loss. The ideal is to have a correct and balanced diet, to assist in the process of muscle gain and weight loss.

Eating foods that respond positively to the goals of your practices can prevent sarcopenia, that is, the low amount of muscle mass.

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Increase protein consumption

Increasing the amount of protein in each meal helps the body not to run the risk of losing lean mass.

In principle, the amount should increase gradually with each meal, such as two servings of red meat or chicken, soy protein, brown rice, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, etc.

During the exercise period it is necessary that you increase the absorption of this substance very quickly, which can reach two grams per kilo.

It is important to be careful so that there is no nutritional imbalance, as proteins are essential components for muscle mass gain.

Decrease carbohydrate intake

In the period when you are looking to acquire lean mass it is essential to reduce your consumption of carbohydrates at certain times of the day.

Carbohydrates are transformed into sugars and excess glucose is transformed into fat. This makes good training results difficult, but they cannot be excluded from the diet.

Because, in hypertrophy training, the body needs a certain rate of carbohydrates to restore muscle fibers that suffer minor injuries and, also, the body needs to replenish energy reserves after physical activities.

Avoid processed foods

You want to lose weight and gain muscle while maintaining your health, right? For the results of your diet and training to be really healthy, it is important to avoid eating industrialized products.

In fact, these foods subtract more than they add good results, as they contain excessive levels of sodium, various preservatives, fats and other additives harmful to the health of the body and can cause fluid retention.

Drinking varieties of tea

Ingesting teas is essential to lose fat and gain muscle, as they are diuretic and thermogenic foods.

For example, lemongrass, mint, cinnamon, horsetail, can be taken individually or mixed 30 minutes before training to provide better results.

They are considered diuretic products that help the body to produce more urine and thus eliminate excess water and other fluids in greater quantities, to avoid swelling in the legs, abdomen, hands and feet.

It offers several benefits to the body, such as lowering blood sugar, improving circulation and other advantages.

Green tea contains high rates of antioxidant substances, which are catechins. The most important catechins are known as epigallocatechin gallate.

This composition has the function of accelerating the body’s metabolism and burning fat very quickly.

As we realized, losing fat without losing lean mass requires some essential care. For the goal to be really achieved, it is necessary to create a healthy routine and define the selection of foods, the best time for training and other important decisions that can help to conquer the dream body with health and quality of life.

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