Understand the importance of knowing how to read the labels of processed foods

Learning to read the labels of processed foods is one of the most proactive attitudes you can have towards your health.

As we know, our quality of life depends largely on our diet, which should always contain foods of high nutritional value.

It turns out that the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes us often opt for processed and quickly prepared foods. Although tasty, they can hide various risks.

Do you want to better understand the importance of knowing how to read the labels of these products and what to observe to have a healthier diet? Come with us!

The organization of industrialized food labels

Food labels follow strict legislation. One reason for this is that there are people intolerant of any nutrients, such as gluten or lactose.

Another strong reason is the need for transparency in consumer rights, who must know what is present in the formula of the product they are buying.

The rules establish that the topic “Ingredients” follows a decreasing order, in which the first item described is the one with the highest quantity (concentration) in the food.

So, here is where a first alert comes up: before you buy, always see which is the first component of the formula.

What products to avoid in the supermarket?

It is good to avoid foods that contain too much fat, sugar, sodium or preservatives, as they can cause damage to health over time.

Always try to choose brands / products that have what you are looking for in the first item. If it is chocolate, for example, the cocoa should appear at the top.

These options tend to be healthier and more beneficial for your well-being and quality of life. So give them a preference.

The caloric value and macronutrients

Now that you know how to observe the amount of each ingredient in the product, be sure to pay attention to the caloric value of each food.

It is this control that determines your weight gain or fat burning at the end of the day (or week). So, that analysis can be vital to your success.

Many products with striking labels and geared to the fitness public are true calorie traps, filled with sodium or preservatives to maintain their flavor.

In addition, you need to keep an eye on the amount of macronutrients in each food. We are talking about fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

What is the importance of macronutrients?

Almost every product has at least one of these essential nutrients for our body. The idea is to eliminate those that hinder the diet or dietary reeducation.

A clear example are those rich in fats and carbohydrates (especially sugars), as they tend to favor weight gain and loss of muscle definition.

On the other hand, protein-rich foods are usually ideal for those who want to reduce measurements and conquer a more muscular and sculpted body.

Obviously, these details should be checked with your nutritionist, who will guide you and prescribe an adequate diet for your goals.

So, following all these guidelines, we are sure that you will be able to read and unveil the labels of processed foods without difficulties.

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