Check out 5 workouts to take care of physical and mental health

As comfortable as the sedentary lifestyle is, there is a time when life punishes and we see the need to seek training to take care of health.

Putting physical activities into routine is an issue that affects all of our senses. It can provide more disposition at work, valuing mental and physical health in a fantastic way.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of 5 workouts that can provide excellent benefits for you to feel much better. Check it out!

1. Kangoo Jump

With the practice spread in more than 13 countries, this Swiss invention came to revolutionize physical activities in gyms, after all, it draws attention just by looking.

This “different” shoe, with a low impact spring, was created to help with the rehabilitation of legs, ankles, hips and possible back problems.

For people who are uncomfortable with cellulite, the equipment works effectively to burn calories. It is possible to spend 900 in an hour.

It is a beneficial activity for the whole family, as it increases motor coordination, helps prevent injuries, improves the cardiovascular system, etc.

2. Ballroom Dancing

Present in Brazilian culture since the beginning of the 20th century, ballroom dancing is one of the healthiest ways to relax and relieve symptoms of stress.

With rhythms such as samba rock, gafieira, forró, zouk, among many others, this type of activity promotes great interaction between people, providing well-being.

The dances emphasize muscle toning, thus improving physical conditioning and, of course, the body’s resourcefulness.

It is seen as one of the most effective training to take care of health, as it works aerobic capacity and contributes to a good cardiorespiratory functioning.

3. Localized Gymnastics

In order not only to increase muscle tone but also to develop a better posture, localized gymnastics is one of the favorite activities in the gym.

With a medium to difficult training, it becomes a way to develop strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and other relevant aspects.

Basically, this type of gymnastics consists of organized and even rhythmic movements, often without the need for auxiliary equipment.

For those who intend to strengthen the glutes, for example, it can be a great request, contributing to the self-esteem, beauty and aesthetics of practitioners.

4. Running Class

If you want to be in good shape and feel good when looking in the mirror, this activity is very important, because the habit of running brings incredible well-being.

Except that even knowing the importance of running, not everyone sees motivation and pique to focus on aerobic activities. There comes the concept of running class.

In general, this is one of the health care training courses that prepares the person to have acceptable conditioning, even aiming at long distances.

The purpose is to create a controlled environment, so that students train according to their goals and make a change in behavior to run with quality.

5. Muay Thai

Just as many Brazilians are completely crazy about football, Thais practically worship the Muay Thai philosophy of life.

Evidently the public here is interested in knowing the attack and defense positions for personal protection, aiming to learn to fight like great masters.

However, this is a martial art that also takes into account the concept of Buddhist doctrine, using its greetings and customs accordingly.

It is worth a lot for those who want an intense activity. It has the purpose of defining muscles, promoting conditioning and acquiring balance between mind and body.

Finally, it never hurts to emphasize that, when doing these training to take care of your health, it is always good to look for a credibility academy and dedicated professionals.

By the way, if you want to experience what a class at our academy is like, get in touch right now and find out all the details of the modalities offered!


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