4 winter health care tips

Do you know what health care is in winter? It is in the coldest season of the year that we are vulnerable to problems with the body.

The low temperature, reduced air humidity and closed environments make us prone to colds and flu. So it is important to strengthen immunity.

In addition, there is a lower disposition for physical activities and a tendency to consume more caloric foods, which can cause you to gain weight at this time.

Therefore, it is essential to pay more attention to some habits in order not to suffer the consequences of these changes caused by the climate.

Want to know what they are? In this post, we bring 4 fundamental tips for taking care of your health in winter. Read on and check it out!

1. Keep a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount throughout the year. However, it is in winter that people tend to get off their diet a little and consume more fatty and sweet foods.

That’s because our body burns more calories in the cold to regulate the temperature and “asks” for this increase in caloric intake.

Obviously, eating your favorite food from time to time can fit on the menu, the problem is when it happens frequently.

In general, continue to follow a balanced diet, rich in fresh vegetables and reduced in ultra-processed foods.

So make good food choices, replacing traditional caloric versions with healthier ones, and consume ingredients that help immunity, such as omega-3, citrus fruits and probiotics.

2. Practice physical activities

It is a fact that we are less willing in the cold, since the low temperature makes the body need more energy for its activities.

However, it is necessary to circumvent this process and keep the practice of physical activities up to date. Generally, people feel more willing after exercising.

So, training early in the morning can have a good effect throughout the day. However, as this is not a rule, train at the time when you can maintain constancy.

Another important point is that moderate physical activity can help to strengthen immunity and prevent winter illnesses. Among the most diverse modalities available, choose the ones that bring you the most well-being.

3. Drink water

How is your water consumption going in the winter? Most people tend to reduce it, but be aware that it can be harmful to your body, which needs the liquid to function properly.

As we do not sweat at low temperatures, the thirst sign may take time to appear. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water before the body even asks.

To find out how much water you should be drinking during the day, multiply your body weight by 35 ml. For example, someone weighing 50 kg needs to drink at least 1750 ml of water daily.

4. Do pleasurable activities

It is proven that winter makes us sadder. Does this happen to you? The lack of light makes us more sleepy and reduces the production of hormones that give us a feeling of well-being.

Thus, it is essential to take care of mental health by practicing activities that give pleasure, such as sports, manual arts, reading a book, listening to music, dancing etc.

Maintaining health care in the winter helps prevent disease, maintain a healthy body weight and have a better quality of life.

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