Ashamed of going to the gym: how to overcome it to reach your goals?

Many people are ashamed to go to the gym. This can happen for many reasons, such as not adapting to the exercises, being embarrassed with your own body, not being able to bear the weight of the equipment, fear of doing something wrong and of being criticized by colleagues, among others.

However, it is important to know how to overcome these thoughts, so that you reach your goals more easily and feel good about yourself.

Want to find out how to overcome these obstacles and lose the shame of going to the gym? So, see the tips we have prepared for you in this article!

Think long-term

Have you thought about the benefits you can achieve by doing the exercises regularly? The benefits are numerous, since it is possible to have more quality of life, to be able to conquer the body that you so desired, improve health, have more energy to do daily tasks, etc.

So, don’t give up before trying. Think long term. That way, it will be easier for you to lose the shame of going to the gym.

Avoid busy times

One of the factors that lead people to give up practicing physical activity is the fact that there are a lot of people looking at them, especially when you are new to the environment.

However, this can be easily resolved, since gyms tend to have hours with more and less people.

So, you just need to find out, at the reception or with the instructor, what time there is usually less people doing exercises on site. This will help you to have more peace of mind when doing your activities.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Many people are ashamed to go to the gym because they see other people with a shapely body, while yours is not in that standard.

But, this must be seen naturally. This is because it is necessary to keep in mind that some coaches only have a certain body due to a lot of training and dedication.

This means that you cannot compare your physical type with that of a person who has been doing physical activity for years. Know that the achievements come day after day.

Have a company

Having a gym company will certainly help you achieve your goals. That’s because one person encourages another, giving tips, encouraging them not to give up.

This is a way to pass the time in a quick and pleasant way, making you forget the effort of picking up the dumbbells.

Respect your limit

Although the company helps people to have more courage, you need to respect your limits. No putting multiple washers on the machine if you can’t take it.

The evolution of each individual is done gradually and differently. Therefore, the physical education professional should accompany you to say when it is time to increase the weights of the equipment.

In addition to the tips we mentioned in the article, so that you don’t lose the embarrassment of going to the gym, it is important to enroll in a place that has a good structure and qualified professionals, that will help you achieve the results more quickly and efficient.

An example of what we are talking about is the Nad’arte Academy, which has been in the market for 31 years and has the help of highly qualified professionals, in which they contribute to their students having a better quality of life.

How about discovering all the exercise modalities that Nad’arte Academy can offer you? Get in touch with one of our units! You will not regret it!


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