Do you know what the wellness style is? Translating into Portuguese, the term means “well-being”. Therefore, this concept has several dimensions that enable people to have a better quality of life.

In this post, we will explain in detail the wellness style, the difference of this concept in relation to fitness, its dimensions and the importance of practicing it daily to obtain the expected benefits.

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What is wellness style?

Wellness is an essential practice in people’s lives, as it provides practitioners with well-being and a healthy life. These aspects, when combined, help to prevent various health problems.

The concept, as the name implies, refers to a philosophy of comfort. Thus, this practice is based on the desire for a more serene life, to overcome concerns and understand that the solution to problems is within us.

Many people believe that health is synonymous with the absence of disease. However, being healthy doesn’t just mean that. It is a combination of elements that make the individual feel good about himself and happy.

So being a healthy person means being responsible for your health. This can be done through regular physical exercise and with a balanced and healthy diet.

With these practices, it becomes possible to prevent heart and respiratory problems, in addition to making it easier to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

What is the difference from wellness to fitness?

Although the concept of wellness and fitness are similar, they have important differences between them.

Fitness is more related to a person’s ability to do a specific physical activity, taking into account aspects such as strength, endurance, conditioning, flexibility, etc.

Wellness, in turn, is more related to well-being. Thus, exercise should be able to provide benefits for the body, the mind and the functioning of the organism.

For him, some aspects – such as social interaction, harmony, the environment, etc. – are very important.

What are the dimensions of wellness?

Wellness has different dimensions, such as physical, professional, family and social well-being, in addition to health. All of these developments, in some way, address human needs.

The physical aspect is important so that we can carry out daily activities with disposition. The professional issue is related to satisfaction and the fact of working with what you like.

The family and social aspects are interconnected. Both demonstrate the need to relate to people, as we are social beings.

Finally, health is a basic aspect, as we cannot carry out other activities without it.

As we have seen, the wellness style makes reference to the philosophy of well-being. At first glance, it may seem like a complex practice. However, just think about its dimensions to have a healthy life. Considering the benefits of this practice, it is very worthwhile to implement it in your daily life.

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